Compass adjusting in any weather by Master Gyro System. The most accurate compass adjusting system available anywhere.

Experts in both magnetic and flux-gate compasses. Over thirty years of experience in engineering, construction, maintenance and operation of sail and power, pleasure and commercial vessels.

Wood, fiberglass and steel experience. Member ABYC, NFPA, International Maritime Institute and SOLA certified. Surveys, damage consultant and insurance claims.




Annapolis Yacht Club

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Your old-fashioned mechanical magnetic compass is that reliable, nearly failsafe backup every navigator needs to insure that if the power fails, the computer crashes, batteries die, the government switches off GPS, lightning strikes, or streams of ions from a solar flare disrupt satellite communications, you will not be lost or stranded. GPS will give an indication of direction, but only if you are under way. The properly compensated magnetic compass is the most reliable source of heading information.
The new technology electronic magnetic compasses have many nifty convenience features. But they are still electronic devices subject to the same potential for failing when you need them most that are described above. You may want to have an electronic compass as a convenience just as you have a other electronic navigation aids, but you still need a reliable mechanical magnetic compass.
There are professional mariners who man commercial ships, Navy and Coast Guard vessels who typically hire a professional compass adjustor rather than try to do it themselves. The skill and expert equipment of a professional adjustor will make your adjustment last and give you the piece of mind knowing the accuracy. For over 30 years Joseph L Duffy & Sons has offered professional compass adjusting services in the Mid-Atlantic for recreational, commercial and military vessels. Our staff adjustors have adjusted every type of vessel imaginable from trailerable boats to top-secret military ships. Weather its a new vessel or one you had for years you should have an accurate compass for your mariner voyages. Please call for a consultation
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